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About West Virginia WIN

The Robert C. Byrd Institute (RCBI), West Virginia’s Advanced Manufacturing Technology Center, the West Virginia Development Office, and Appalachian Power are working with Boyette Strategic Advisors to conduct a workforce assessment and skills analysis for a 23-county region in West Virginia. This project is being completed with joint funding from AEP – Appalachian Power and RCBI.

The assessment will include an in-depth analysis of the area workforce assets and challenges, future employment trends, education/training programs, and transferable skills and compatible occupations for the unemployed and underemployed workforce, many of whom previously worked in the mining, wood and paper, chemicals and plastics, transportation, and metals and machinery sectors.

The analysis will lead to strategic recommendations for enhancing the area’s workforce and better preparing workers to meet the challenges of the future.

Input from employers, economic development partners, educators, students, and the workforce at all levels will be a critical component of the project and vital to its success.

Recognizing the current COVID-19 situation, stakeholders will have a variety of ways in which to provide input in this process. provides stakeholders access to a series of online surveys, which will be available through June 2020.


Region Residents with Associate’s Degree or Higher


Labor Participation Rate


of Workforce is Younger than 35


increase in Total Earnings from 2014 to 2019

Study Area (Counties Highlighted Green)

Project Timeline · JUNE–AUG 2016: Stakeholder engagement; Communication initiatives launched · AUG–DEC 2016: Quantitative Research & Analytics; Qualitative Research & Evaluation · JAN 2017: Recommendation Development · JAN–FEB 2017: Deliverable Development · FEB–MAR 2017: Stakeholder Presentation; Implementation Plan Development


Input from across the Region is a critical component of this workforce analysis. A series of surveys will be conducted to gather input from a broad cross-section of the study area. These stakeholder surveys are designed to collect information from residents, employers, students, and high school counselors. The survey results will be used to validate information gathered through quantitative research and in conversations with additional stakeholder groups, which ultimately will allow us to understand and tell the West Virginia WIN workforce story in our efforts to create jobs and attract new investment.

Resident/Job Seeker Survey

To gain an understanding of the skills of the regional workforce and the types of jobs important to the Region’s residents.

Employer Survey

To collect feedback from employers on various issues related to the quality and availability of the area workforce.

College Student Survey

To explore the career perspective of college and university students as they prepare to enter the workforce.


High School Counselor Survey

To gather input about the role high school counselors play in guiding students through career exploration.

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